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1NE Services

The AI Driven Full-Service Agency

Welcome to 1NE Services, your forward-thinking full-service agency inspired by a global partnership. Our focus lies in pioneering IT services and digitalization, particularly AI and blockchain technologies. Our approach integrates the digital and real world by uniting human intelligence with AI and learning from past experiences for a sustainable future.

Unsere Mission

Our Mission

1NE Services has made it its mission to support you as a full-service provider with its global partner network and invite you into the network. A particular focus is on IT services and digitization, with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence – AI – and blockchain, where we are paving new paths. We also pursue hybrid approaches, aiming to view the digital world not as separate from the real world but as part of it, creating a shared world. We seek to bring artificial intelligence together with human intelligence, considering the laws of nature. Additionally, we aim to learn from the past to shape a positive and sustainable future.


Basic models

We basically offer three models:

Firm Fixed-Price Model
You have the project or solution. We will provide a quote, offering you a fixed price and timeline.
Firm Effort-Based Model
You can book us on an hourly basis. We offer a variety of competencies with our partners, for example:
Programming starting at €50 / hour
Project Management €80 / hour
Consultation €105 / hour
It may be that we only facilitate and do not engage in active work ourselves.

Our 360⁰+ Approach

Together with our partners, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive 360-degree overview and holistic solutions. We aspire to grow with you, taking a few steps further after each project and never ending up where we started. Thus, achieving more than 360 degrees in the end. Our entire team is supported to the fullest extent by our partners.


Our Services

Learn more about our comprehensive range of products and services designed to support you in achieving your business goals.
In this context, “us” refers to our team and network of partners.

Human & AI Team

At 1NE Services, a team with a multinational background and diverse cultural and social experiences converges. While our headquarters are in Berlin, we operate globally with a distributed workforce. Embracing innovation, we also venture into groundbreaking territories by integrating artificial intelligence into key leadership positions. From the inception of 1NE Services, we’ve been expanding the roles of Chief Officers through the incorporation of individual artificial intelligences.
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Intelligenz ist der Schlüssel

Intelligence is the key - Connecting Intelligences

Our approach is to align things and maximize synergies. Currently, much emphasis is placed on artificial intelligence (AI). We believe this will fundamentally shape and change our world in the coming years. Taking a step further, we pursue an extended approach, aiming to contribute to connecting intelligences. This involves bringing together:
  • Human Intelligence (HI)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Intelligence of Nature (Nature Intelligence / NI)
Our goal is to develop solutions that are meaningful and beneficial to humanity as a whole, addressing specific groups without causing significant side effects or disadvantages. We aspire to actively contribute to making the world sustainably better and support the goals of 1NE World.

Together, everything is possible

We believe that everything is better together. We are ready to support you in achieving your goals and would like to form a shared network with you.

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